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Migration, Migration History, History

Old Paradigms and New Perspectives


Jan Lucassen and Leo Lucassen

During the last decade studies have indicated that migration has been a normal, structural element of human societies throughout history. Progress in migration and settlement studies under this new paradigm has been so substantial that a new state of the art is needed. This book presents a reconsideration of current theoretical perspectives encompassing enlightened insights in diverging specialisms in the field of migration history, such as slavery studies, ethnic history, macro-economic migration studies, and gypsy studies. The seventeen essays in this volume, written by leading scholars in the field, collectively represent a pioneering effort in migration and settlement studies. They address the problems of ongoing specialization (and hence the need for synthesis) and the difficulties of integrating the consequences of this new paradigm into general histories.
Contents: Jan Lucassen and Leo Lucassen: Migration, Migration History, History: Old Paradigms and New Perspectives – Leslie Page Moch: Dividing Time: An Analytical Framework for Migration History Periodization – Nancy L. Green: The Comparative Method and Poststructural Structuralism: New Perspectives for Migration Studies – Dirk Hoerder: Segmented Macrosystems and Networking Individuals: The Balancing Functions of Migration Processes – David Eltis: Seventeenth Century Migration and the Slave Trade: The English Case in Comparative Perspective – Pieter C. Emmer: Was Migration Beneficial? – Ralph Shlomowitz: Coerced and Free Migration from the United Kingdom to Australia, and Indentured Labour Migration from India and the Pacific Islands to Various Destinations: Issues, Debates, and New Evidence – Eric Richards: Migration to Colonial Australia: Paradigms and Disjunctions – Donna Gabaccia: The «Yellow Peril» and the «Chinese of Europe»: Global Perspectives on Race and Labor, 1815-1930 – Arjan de Haan: Migration on the Border of Free and Unfree Labour: Workers in Calcutta's Jute Industry, 1900-1990 – Leo Lucassen: Eternal Vagrants? State Formation, Migration, and Travelling Groups in Western-Europe, 1350-1914 – Ida Altman: Moving Around and Moving On: Spanish Emigration in the Sixteenth Century – Georg Fertig: Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic Migration and Early German Anti-Migration Ideology – Aristide R. Zolberg: The Great Wall Against China: Responses to the First Immigration Crisis, 1885-1925 – Colin Holmes: Hostile Images of Immigrants and Refugees in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Britain – Kenneth Lunn: Immigration and Reaction in Britain, 1880-1950: Rethinking the «Legacy of Empire» – Robin Cohen: Shaping the Nation, Excluding the Other: The Deportation of Migrants from Britain.