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Soldando Sal

Galician Studies in Translation & Paratranslation

Burghard Baltrusch, Gabriel Pérez Durán and Kathrin Sartingen

Are there differences between a soap opera broadcasted in South America and its dugeb.ed version in Galicia? Do translated products have a shelf life just like the geopolitical bonds to which they are related? Does Galicia belong to the Portuguese speaking world? How did specialised terms like DNA and RNA become colloquial terms? In what way did Galician emigration contribute to Cuba's cultural legacy? And how is text transformed into voice? These questions lead us directly to translation and its context, namely paratranslation. Translation and paratranslation are key elements when describing and analysing cultural phenomena that are permeable and crossbred. We carry a «portable culture» wherever we go. It gets impregnated by its own context; it creates friction but also provides understanding. The current volume tries to delve into a transdisciplinary field in order to reveal the privileged role translation plays in politics, TV, comparative literature, informatics, terminology, music, migration, etc. Thus, Soldando sal initiates the cartography of Galician translation studies.