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The Presence of God in the World

A Contribution to Postmodern Christology based on the Theologies of PaulTillich and Karl Rahner


Steven Ogden

Detailed analyses of Karl Krolow's autobiographical poetry, 1945-1958. Among others: «Selbstbildnis 1945», «Niemand wird helfen» (1950), «Robinson I-III» (1958). To ascertain the foreign influence, poems of the fifties are compared to French poems of similar theme, Krolow had translated. Example: Reverdy's «Monsieur X».
Marked differences in content and analytical methods: Sole focus on Krolow's autobiographical poetry, 1945-1958. Detailed interpretations of the same. Comparison with relevant French poems. By contrast: A. Rümmler, Die Entwicklung der Metaphorik in der Lyrik Karl Krolows (1942-1962) (Lang, 1972) and unpublished dissertation of T. Drevikovsky.
Contents: Marginalisation of God and the reality of absence – Presumption of absence and the problem of presence – The ambiguity of experience as presence and absence – Epistemology and experience – Epistemology and the credibility of presence – The experience of faith communities in epistemology – A critical comparison of Tillich and Rahner – An incremental contribution to Christological knowledge – Tillich, Rahner and modernity – Postmodern insights of Tillich and Rahner – Postmodern Christology – Postmetaphysical Christology – The incarnation and presence and absence – The death-resurrection event and presence and absence.