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Jerusalem as the Text of Culture


Edited By Dorota Muszytowska, Janusz Kręcidło and Anna Szczepan-Wojnarska

Jerusalem as a theme of this collection of essays evokes multidimensional reflections and enters the ongoing discourse concerning this particular city and forms of its appearance in culture. The book is divided into four parts that reflect four questions relating to the Holy City. The first one concerns the meaning of Jerusalem in the Bible understood as the shared text for Jews and Christians. The second one addresses the issue of the understanding of Jerusalem in Jewish non-biblical tradition. The third one examines the pilgrims’ accounts derived from different backgrounds and inherited narrations. The fourth question refers to cultural aspects that transcend the purely religious life.

Jerusalem in Biblical Tradition – Jerusalem in Jewish Non-Biblical Tradition – Jerusalem as the Place of Pilgrimage – Literary Reception – Cultural Reception of Jerusalem