Philosophy and Cultural Studies Revisited / Historisch-genetische Studien zur Philosophie und Kulturgeschichte

Editors: Seweryn Blandzi

The main purposes of this series are philological and philosophical analytical reconstructions, and reinterpretations of philosophical writings. Under the terms "reconstruction" and "reinterpretation" is understood that such approach foregrounds the primary, alive philosophical idea. We assume that a precise philological analysis of source texts with the new analysis of philosophical concepts they are based on, can reveal meanings that have been obscured and distorted by the subsequent translations and interpretations. Without undermining the importance of the philosophical tradition, we ask what the authors have told us in their own language. We start with the strictly hermeneutic methodology: source texts are placed in the historical background, as they are not rigid constructs, but lively voices in a broader dialogue. Our object is to bring out the original meaning of texts.
The language of the publication of the series is both English and German.