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Queer Beats – Gender and Literature in the EFL Classroom


Edited By Maria Eisenmann and Christian Ludwig

Gender diversity and the fact that gender is subject to perpetual renegotiations have become part of teachers’ and students’ lives. This volume tackles this issue by showing particularly innovative ways of teaching gender in the EFL classroom. Thus, the contributions include a broad variety of gender realities, such as trans* and cisgender, a cornucopia of texts and other media, a variety of literary genres, graphic novels, films and TV shows. The authors also illustrate cutting-edge approaches to teaching both literature and gender in the contemporary student-centered EFL classroom with different age groups.

Fostering gender competence through music videos – A literary approach to US toilet politics – Gender awareness and language awareness – Playing with identities and role stereotypes – Teaching homosexuality – Interrogating and (re-)defining gender roles – Exploring gender with science fiction – Queer questions about the construction of identity – Trans issues – Canadian trans* literature – Reading an aboriginal life story – Teaching family structures and gender roles – Teaching gender reflection – Creating queer text ensembles – Gay-themed narratives – Exploring LGBTQ life through American TV series – Deconstructing gender stereotypes – Judith Butler’s critique of binary gender opposition