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Co-Ethnic Migrations Compared

Central and Eastern European Contexts


Edited By Jasna Čapo Žmegač, Christian Voß and Klaus Roth

This book deals with the displacement of the populations that have so far been studied mainly under the headings of "(co-)ethnic migration" and "ethnically privileged migration". As the main adjective found in these syntagmata indicates, these are migrations in which ethnicity figures as a prominent factor, both at the point of origin and at the point of the migrants' destination. These migrations have been engendered by the reconfiguration of the political landscape after major European 20th-century wars and/or the more or less peaceful demise of the communist regime in Europe at the end of the last century. The recent most prominent examples of both of these processes are the former Soviet Union and the former Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. Methodologically and epistemologically, this volume is an exercise in the comparative treatment of co-ethnic migrations, in particular with regard to the question as to what happened to these co-ethnic groups after their resettlement in their putative ethnic homeland.
I. Challenging the ‘organic’ nation - Christian Voß: Sprache und Koethnizität entlang des ehemaligen Eisernen Vorhangs - Ruth Mandel: Mediating Germanness: Co-Ethnic Challenges for Turks, Jews and Russians - Peter Rosenberg: „Die sprechen ja nicht mal richtig Deutsch!“ Zur Integration von Russlanddeutschen in Deutschland - Whose Language? Co-Ethnic Migrants and Contemporary Linguistic Identities in Serbia - Mathias Beer: Kleiner Unterschied – große Wirkung: Der Stellenwert kultureller Differenz im Eingliederungsprozess koethnischer Migranten - II. Diasporization of the receiving society - Kira Kaurinkoski: Privileged Co-Ethnic Greek Migrants from the Former Soviet Union in the Greater Athens Area: Reflections on Individual and Collective Integration Strategies into Greek Society. - Carolin Leutloff-Grandits: Ethnic Unmixing in the Aftermath of the Yugoslav Successor Wars: The Integration of Co-Nationals in Former Yugoslavia in Comparative Perspective - Anders H. Stefansson: Travelling States: State Reconfiguration, Co-Ethnic Migration and Non-Diasporic Identities in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska - Refugees, Co-Ethnic Migrants, and Diaspora: Blurring the Categories - Sarah Scholl-Schneider: „Die Remigration ist schwieriger als die Emigration“: Die Rückkehr tschechischer Emigranten in ihre Heimat nach 1989 - III. Defining group membership - Natalya Kosmarskaya: The “Other Russians” or Just Different People? Rethinking Russians’ Status as Post-Soviet “Ethnically Privileged Migrants” - Irina Molodikova: The New Russian Migration Policy and Old Phobias towards Ethnic Migrants - Vyacheslav Popkov: Trans-National Russian-Speaking Space in Germany: Main Features - Edvin Pezo: (Un)Erwünschte Immigranten – Die Türkei und die „koethnischen“ Einwanderer aus Jugoslawien (1920er-1950er Jahre) - Christian Voß: Die Kulturpolitik der makedonischen Ostblockdiaspora