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Inquiry in Tandem

Student and Teacher Learning in Secondary Schools

Christine D. Clayton and James F. Kilbane, Jr.

Inquiry in Tandem explores how engaging in teacher and student inquiry simultaneously impacts teacher practice and student learning in powerful ways.  With a focus on secondary schools and all content areas we encourage inquiry because it is good practice. Teachers and students are active doers and thinkers who ask questions, seek information, and develop thoughtful responses. This book presents a model of professional development that fosters this type of deep learning by teachers and students.

“This book proposes the novel idea of inquiry as a multidisciplinary pedagogical strategy to improve the quality of learning. The authors grounded this strategy on three principles—learning by doing, learning within networks, learning in tandem. Inquiry is understood here as a method and as an intentional process ‘to address compelling questions that propel learning.’ Throughout the book, the authors show how inquiry aids teachers in building a higher level of embedded professional development practice that, in turn, helps them to build the necessary skills and expertise to respond ‘to the unique student needs.’ Highly meaningful book for teachers, teacher leaders, school administrators, school district officers, professional development professionals, and anyone interested in elevating the professionalization of teaching.”—Gilberto Arriaza, Professor, College of Education & Allied Studies, California State University East Bay

“While a plethora of publications exist that discuss inquiry as a mechanism for teacher professional development and inquiry as a pedagogical approach to teaching, Inquiry in Tandem: Student and Teacher Learning in Secondary Schools is the first to give equal treatment to both of these topics within a single text. As such, Clayton and Kilbane illustrate the dynamic interplay that can occur when teachers use inquiry both as a tool to learn from their own teaching practice as well as a pedagogical approach to shape that practice, offering fresh perspectives and new insights on the enduring process of inquiry.”—Nancy Fichtman Dana, Professor, School of Teaching and Learning, University of Florida

“Clayton and Kilbane present a clear and cogent portrait of inquiry, highlighting the inquiry stance teachers must take to make inquiry instruction effective. While using inquiry to teach students, teachers themselves are engaged in their own inquiry about how their students learn and how they learn particular disciplinary content and skills. A refreshing antidote to test mania, this book is rich in images of practice and tools for implementation—good for teachers and school leaders.”—Jacqueline Ancess, Co-Director, National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST); Teachers College, Columbia University