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Black Women Speaking From Within

Essays and Experiences in Higher Education


Edited By Kelly K. Hope

In Black Women Speaking From Within: Essays and Experiences in Higher Education, contributors use intersectional and interdisciplinary lenses to share the ways in which they understand, navigate, resist, and transform student services, learning, teaching, and existing in the academy. This book explores and discusses the following question: How do Black women experience and perceive place and agency in higher education? Black Women Speaking From Within draws upon the influence organizational culture, sense-making, and sisterhood has on praxis and pedagogy and places the Black woman’s stories and experiences at the center of the conversation.

Preface – Acknowledgments – Introduction – Kimberly D. Johnson: Black Women Staff in the Academy: Challenges, Sisterhood, and Strategies for Success – Antoinette Bonnie Candia-Bailey: My Sister, Myself: Sociocultural Factors That Affect the Advancement of African-American Women Into Senior-Level Positions – Stephanie L. Krah: Made It to the Adult Table: Being a Black Woman Millennial Leader in Higher Education – Kelly K. Hope: The Invisible Woman: How Institutional Cultures Perpetuate the Marginalization of Black Women – LaToya Rene Robertson: The Contradictions in Higher Education – Courtney Allen: Calling All the Sisters: Sister Circles as a Form of Institutional Responsibility to Black Womyn Collegians – Lytasha Marie Blackwell: Build, Bond, or Break: Sisterhood in the Midst of Individual Transformations – Robin Phelps-Ward/Erin K. Phelps: Sisterly Personal Narratives From Two Black Sisters in the Academy – Kelly K. Hope: Who in the Hell Left the Gate Open – Appendix I: Sample Proposal – Appendix II: Sample Cover Letter – Appendix III: Sample Supervisory Evaluation Form – Contributors.