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Raising Resilient Children

Parents and Teachers Working in Partnership to Empower the Children in Our Lives

Kelly Cleeve

Raising Resilient Children: Parents and Teachers Working in Partnership to Empower the Children in Our Lives provides tips that you can use in your daily interactions with children to create an environment in which children will thrive. We all want to raise good children, children who are kind, smart and well prepared to become adults in an increasingly complicated world. The best predictor of a child’s future success is their level of resilience, their ability to overcome challenge. Yet, this skill set has been largely ignored in the past. Teachers and parents are the greatest influences on a child’s mindset and if we work together to foster resilience in our children, their potential for happiness and success increases exponentially. If you are a teacher, looking for practical classroom tips to increase emotional intelligence and self-regulation, this book is for you. If you are a parent, in search of ideas for how to elevate your child’s mental well-being, this book is for you too.

“Kelly Cleeve is a gifted leader in the field of social emotional learning. Her work with our school staff and parent community was instrumental in our successful efforts to foster the social emotional well-being of our students. Cleeve’s writing style is both approachable and informative. She provides current and sound research to support emotional instruction but also provides realistic and tangible tools to ensure success is achievable for all.”—Kendra Simonetto, elementary school principal and loving parent

“Kelly Cleeve presents information in a dynamic and engaging way, using examples from her own teaching and parenting experiences. Her expertise in the area of social emotional learning is evident in the way she presents theory and offers practical teaching and parenting solutions all the while maintaining a positive outlook with appreciation for the work that teachers and parents are already doing.”—Kelsey Blaby, educator and loving parent

“As educators, we know that before the academic work starts, our students have to be emotionally and mentally ready to learn. Teachers can work as hard as we want to in an effort to foster resilience, but unless you have the understanding and the support of parents, much of your work is for naught. Kelly Cleeve provides a clear understanding of what resilience is, why it’s important to the development of children and describes how to employ strategies in school and at home. Having staff and parents on the same page is invaluable and I am grateful to have Cleeve’s approachable, professional and genuine support in this work.”—Rhonda Krisko, elementary school principal and loving parent