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The Elites of the Media versus the Elites of Politics in Poland


Edited By Zbigniew Oniszczuk, Dagmara Głuszek-Szafraniec and Mirosława Wielopolska-Szymura

This book is the fruit of scientific research conducted using quantitative and qualitative methods regarding the mutual relations between the media elites and the political elites in Poland. The authors of this work focus on several virtuous aspects of this issue: on the characteristic model of opinion-forming journalism, also on the differences presented by female and male journalists in the assessment of the relations between politicians and journalists, as well as on the differences between local and national level of mass media in terms of external and internal autonomy of journalists, next on the importance of opinion-forming media in the process of creating a sense of political subjectivity in their recipients, and finally on the phenomenon of politicization of cultural issues in opinion-forming weeklies in Poland.

Zbigniew Oniszczuk (PhD) is a researcher in media studies at the Institute of Political Sciences and Journalism at the University of Silesia (Poland). He is the author of nearly 80 articles and dissertations dealing with mass media issues, their relationship with the political system, media participation in political communication and public relations, and changes in the media systems.

Dagmara Głuszek-Szafraniec (PhD) is a researcher at the Institute of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Silesia (Poland). She is the author of numerous articles on media systems in the world published in academic periodicals and co-author of publications on media images of the reality. Her areas of interests focus on changes taking place on foreign media markets and concentrate mainly on the Spanish model.

Mirosława Wielopolska-Szymura (PhD) is a researcher at the Institute of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Silesia (Poland). Her scientific interests are focused on radio studies in the context of public service broadcasting and intercultural and international communication as well as in sociocultural impact of the media.