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Скрещения судеб: Literarische und kulturelle Beziehungen zwischen Russland und dem Westen

A Festschrift for Fedor B. Poljakov


Edited By Lazar Fleishman, Stefan Michael Newerkla and Michael Wachtel

This volume is dedicated to Fedor B. Poljakov, Professor of the University of Vienna, a distinguished specialist in the history of Russian culture and Germano-Slavic cultural relations. It brings together scholars from leading universities in the United States, Europe and the Russian Federation. Thirty-seven essays discuss a broad array of themes ranging from early-modern Muscovy and Slavia Orthodoxa to Russia’s contacts with the West from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries to modernist literature to early Soviet poetry and post-revolutionary emigration. The articles present unknown archival documents and offer new perspectives on the study of Russian literature in a comparative context.

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