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Marcel, Girard, Bakhtin

The Return of Conversion


Pius Ojara and Patrik Madigan

This book is about the human disruption and restlessness in the modern world and the way in which three important 20th century thinkers – Gabriel Marcel, René Girard and Mikhail Bakhtin – dealt with the subject. Although all three emerged from different backgrounds they produced remarkably parallel philosophies that centered on the human condition and pointed out the need for «conversion». The first part of the book elaborates Gabriel Marcel’s thought and the relationship between religion and the human quest for personal and transpersonal harmony. Further chapters provide surveys on the philosophies of «conversion» of Girard, Bakhtin and Rousseau. The book is a contribution to the discussion about human religious consciousness.
Contents: The Emergence of the Need for Hope and for Conversion in Gabriel Marcel – The Origins and Drama of Human Restlessness – A Pathway of Human Conversion – The Priority of Being over Having – Human Religious Consciousness – Unexpected Assistance by Romantic Art to the Christian Revolution in René Girard – Girard and Bakhtin – Conversion from Selfishness to Self-Love: Jean-Jacques Rousseau.