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Identity, Community, Discourse

English in Intercultural Settings


Guiseppina Cortese and Anna Duszak

Languages are inseparable from their contexts of use. They are not only congruent with, but also involved in the configuration of the worldviews and value systems manifested in cultures and embodied in texts. The spread of English worldwide foregrounds the issue of textual dynamics in intercultural settings. The production/reception of texts in English facilitates international contacts and exchanges, yet it also triggers hegemonic practices. The volume aims to investigate the representations and negotiations of sociocognitive identities in intercultural settings relevant for ‘good practice’. Contributions explore ‘languaging’ strategies (verbal, visual, multimodal; English monolingual, bilingual, multilingual) through a range of methodological perspectives wherein the respect for sociocultural differences is a constitutive value.
Contents: Giuseppina Cortese/Anna Duszak: Introduction – Ron Scollon/Suzie Wong Scollon: Fast English, Slow Food, and Intercultural Exchanges: Social Problems and Problems for Discourse Analysis – Suresh Canagarajah: Shuttling between Discourses: Textual and Pedagogical Possibilities for Periphery Scholars – Anna Duszak: Between Styles and Values: An Academic Community in Transition – Christer Laurén: On the Border: Writing Scientific Texts and Fiction – John Douthwaite: Community, Values, Action and Discourse: Language and Bureaucracy in Colonial to Post-colonial Literary Settings – Maurizio Gotti: English in Intercultural Settings: Globalising Trends and Local Resistance – Philip Riley: Ethos and the Communicative Virtues in Exolinguistic Service Encounters – Maria Grazia Guido: Context Misconstructions in Professional Entextualizations of «Asylum» Discourse – Paola Evangelisti Allori: Metaphors they Report by: The Construction of National Identity through Sports Commentaries in Different Cultural Communities – Edith Esch: Representations of English among French Adolescents in Senegal – Anna Mauranen: English as Lingua Franca: An Unknown Language? – Elizabeth Rowley-Jolivet/Shirley Carter-Thomas: Scientific Conference Englishes: Epistemic and Language Community Variations – Małgorzata Sokół: Academic Identity Construction in E-discussion Lists: A Case Study – Kristina Svartholm: Teaching Literacy to Deaf Learners – Gigliola Sacerdoti Mariani: The Power of the Language in Delineating the Boundaries of Power: The US Constitution Interpreted by the first ‘Federalist Community’ – Giuditta Caliendo/Gabriella Di Martino/Marco Venuti: Language and Discourse Features of EU Secondary Legislation – Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli/Elena Di Giovanni/Ira Torresi: Visual and Verbal Aspects of Otherness: From Disney to Coppola – Nicoletta Vasta: «Profits & Principles: Is There a Choice?» The Multimodal Construction of Shell’s Commitment to Social Responsibility and the Environment in and across Advertising Texts – Giuseppina Cortese: On Children’s Right to Life: Virtuous Management of Intercultural Conflict.