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Identity and Difference

Translation Shaping Culture

Maria Sidiropoulou

The volume comprises a selection of contributions to the international conference Choice and Difference in Translation (Athens 2003, Faculty of English Studies, University of Athens). It tackles intercultural transfer situations between various languages in a variety of genres (Internet-related, politically relevant, film and literary discourses) and reveals the shaping force of translation on socio-cultural structures. The contributions foreground intercultural transfer situations in which translation has an innovative potential and situations in which the filtering effect of translation mediation has a displacing potential on local identities.
Contents: Maria Sidiropoulou: Introduction: Transforming national cultures – Pertti Hietaranta: Language, culture and the Internet: to globalize or not to globalize through translation? – Christina Schäffner: A roof is an umbrella: Metaphor, culture and translation – John D. Sanderson: Transferring Woody Allen’s New York: Translation strategies and the polysystem – Efterpi Mitsi: Translation at the margins: Racine and the translation of Aristotle’s Poetics – Jean Peeters: Localizing and globalizing trends in Language through the Looking Glass – Adnan K. Abdulla: Hemingway in Arabic: A study of literary transformation – Carlos Machado: Surrealism and translation in opposition – Nadežda Stojković: Translation as a means of deepening one’s identity.