Innovation Behavior of Older Consumers

An Empirical Analysis of Older and Younger Consumers’ Determinants of Consumer Electronic Products Ownership

by Armin Tank (Author)
Thesis XXVIII, 337 Pages


This book picks up two mega trends: On the one hand population figures demonstrate the structural transition of the majority of western industrial nations. This demographic change has manifold consequences, especially on companies and their clients. On the other hand most of the markets are characterized by increasingly shorter product life cycles and global competition. The commercialization of innovations represents one possibility to remain competitive in this environment. The author connects important aspects of these two subject matters and identifies existing differences in the consumer behavior of older and younger individuals regarding innovative consumer electronic devices – a product category that is characterized by an exceptionally high pace of innovation.


ISBN (eBook)
ISBN (Book)
Publication date
2014 (January)
Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2014. XXVIII, 337 pp., 39 b/w fig., 91 tables

Biographical notes

Armin Tank (Author)

Armin Tank studied Business Management at Mannheim University and at EM Lyon (École Supérieure De Commerce) in France. The emphasis of his studies lay on Marketing, International Management and Psychology. During and after successful completion of his dissertation he held various roles in companies in the sectors Consumer Goods, Medical Equipment for end-consumers and Mobile Health Care & Sports. Additionally he is a lecturer for Methodology / Market research.


Title: Innovation Behavior of Older Consumers