Boyz 2 Buddhas

Counseling Urban High School Male Athletes in the Zone

by David Forbes (Author)
©2004 Textbook X, 236 Pages
Series: Counterpoints, Volume 198


Is conventional masculinity hazardous to young men’s health? Boyz 2 Buddhas proposes that mindfulness meditation can help male teens deal with the unhealthy pressures of growing up today. After examining high school football – a popular activity that evokes troublesome aspects of male consciousness and behavior – David Forbes describes a meditation and discussion group he held with urban high school football players. The students meditated in order to play football in the zone, a state of higher awareness. Along the way they also learned to live their lives in the same manner, resulting in a more mindful, healthy way of growing up to be men. The counseling model illustrated in this book blends popular culture with contemplative practice, and addresses young men’s need for greater personal meaning.


X, 236
ISBN (Softcover)
American Football Meditation Buddhismus Männlichkeit Schulberatung High school Sport U.S. High school athlete Masculinity Violence in sports United States
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2004. X, 236 pp.

Biographical notes

David Forbes (Author)

The Author: David Forbes teaches school counseling in the School of Education at Brooklyn College/City University of New York. He received his doctorate in education (counseling) from the University of California at Berkeley, and is the author of False Fixes: The Cultural Politics of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Relations.


Title: Boyz 2 Buddhas