Black Protest Thought and Education

Foreword by James D. Anderson

by William H. Watkins (Volume editor)
©2011 Textbook XII, 230 Pages
Series: Counterpoints, Volume 237


The modern American corporate-industrial state requires a massive ideological machine to establish social order, create political consensus, train obedient citizen-workers, and dispatch marginalized groups to their «place». Mass public education has helped to forge the modern political state that enforces social and racial inequality. Disenchanted African Americans, representing dissenting viewpoints, have vigorously protested this educational system, which is rooted in segregation, differentiated funding, falsehoods, alienation, and exclusion. This important book belongs in classrooms devoted to achieving racial equality in public education.


XII, 230
ISBN (Softcover)
USA Bildungssystem Chancengleichheit Black Dissent /Education School Criticism Black Radical Protest Education Criticism Farbiger Black Criticism of Public Education
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2011. XII, 230 pp., 1 ill.

Biographical notes

William H. Watkins (Volume editor)

The Editor: Born in Harlem, New York, and raised in south-central Los Angeles, William H. Watkins received his Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis-Education from University of Illinois at Chicago. He taught at the University of Utah and University of Illinois at Chicago. Watkins is the author of The White Architects of Black Education (2001), numerous book chapters, journal articles, book reviews, and contributions to the mass media, as well as lead editor of Race and Education (2001). Additionally, Watkins has presented over fifty academic papers throughout the United States, Africa, Cuba, Asia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.


Title: Black Protest Thought and Education