New Literacies Practices

Designing Literacy Learning

by Margaret Carmody Hagood (Volume editor)
©2009 Textbook VI, 188 Pages


New literacies have been researched with various age groups in a variety of settings, illustrating how text uses differ across contexts and highlighting stark divides between schooled and out-of-school literacies. Not surprisingly, schools have difficulty staying abreast of the technological and social aspects associated with new literacies. New Literacies Practices: Designing Literacy Learning takes into account these two concerns – the dichotomy of contextual uses of new literacies across spaces, and concerns that schooled instructional attempts with new literacies reify conventional literacy practices. Authors in this volume include classroom teachers and researchers who begin from a stance that in an interconnected, multimodal world, new literacies exist across spaces. It is no longer appropriate to consider if literacies between contexts, such as out-of-school and in-school, dovetail. Instead, we must shape examinations according to how they dovetail. The essays in this volume forge the amorphous divide between out-of-school and in-school literacies through a design of pedagogy and examine how teachers and researchers collaborate to design instruction that accounts for students’ new literacies. This book acknowledges that new literacies must be embedded into the curriculum, not just included as an add-on course or activity to the school day.


VI, 188
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classroom new literacies technologies classroom, instruction, multimodality instruction multimodality
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2009. VI,188 pp., num. ill.

Biographical notes

Margaret Carmody Hagood (Volume editor)

The Editor: Margaret C. Hagood is Associate Professor of Literacy Education at the College of Charleston, where she directs research of the Center for the Advancement of New Literacies. She has co-authored Popular Culture in the Classroom and a forthcoming book about using pop culture in instruction. Her work on new literacies and identities appears in Reading Research Quarterly, Middle School Research Journal, and Reading and Writing Quarterly.


Title: New Literacies Practices