An Educational Psychology of Science Methods in the K-6 Classroom

Hands-on/Mind-Focused Strategies for all Learners

by Christopher Thao Vang (Author)
Textbook XXVII, 297 Pages
Series: Educational Psychology , Volume 23


This book was conceived to better prepare prospective and current teachers to teach inquiry elementary science with enthusiasm, joy, entertainment, intrigue, curiosity, and thought-provoking engagement. The hands-on and minds-on inquiry strategies herein equip teachers with enriched teaching principles, applications, tools, methodologies, and pedagogical skills so they can develop deliberate science lesson plans that engage all learners in the learning process.
The book also gives comprehensive approaches to teacher preparation and discusses the nature of teaching inquiry elementary health and science concepts in a way that equips prospective educators with a broad array of practical tools to prepare them for unexpected challenges related to the conduct of science instruction, management, discipline, assessment, transition, and daily routine and structure. The information will lead prospective educators and new teachers to explore their own style or philosophy of teaching inquiry elementary health and science concepts to all learners of diverse backgrounds and to find effective frameworks for developing their philosophy of discipline, philosophy of teaching, and philosophy of student engagement using hands-on and minds-focused inquiry strategies that maximize student learning outcomes.


XXVII, 297
ISBN (Book)
New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien, 2013. XXVII, 297 pp.

Biographical notes

Christopher Thao Vang (Author)

Christopher Thao Vang is a professor of teacher education in the MSCP at California State University, Stanislaus. He teaches classroom management and professional practices, health and science methodology, methods in multilingual education, and foundation of education in diversity society. He is author of An Educational Psychology of Classroom Management and Best Professional Practices (Lang, 2013) and An Educational Psychology of Methods in Multilingual Education (Lang, 2010). Dr. Vang has written numerous professional articles on various topics related teaching science, multicultural education issues, and minority students.


Title: An Educational Psychology of Science Methods in the K-6 Classroom