Le groupe Peter Lang compte plus de 18 000 titres numériques et en ajoute chaque semaine ! Découvrez comment les acheter et les offres de notre modèle commercial.

eProducts & eBooks

Each year, Peter Lang publishes an average of 1,200 books in both print and electronic format. In 2016, Peter Lang launched its first digital platform, on which now 18,000+ ebooks can be accessed. With this platform in place, all ebook titles are now available to acquire within Evidence-Based selection, mini collections, subject collections, ‘pick and mix’ collections, or standalone.

Peter Lang’s online platform has been built to provide librarians with all the necessary tools to serve their users and offers a range of services for libraries worldwide:

• DRM-free eBooks, eContent is watermarked
• 24/7 unrestricted access to your eContent
• Unlimited access
• Easy-to-use Access Management System
• Access through IP
• Multiple administrative users
• Tailored personalization of eContent with institutional details
• Free and straightforward access to MARC records
• COUNTER5-compliant usage statistics
• Cross Ref (DOIs created at book level for citation linking)
• Web responsive design

EBA & EBS Model

Here is a short video presentation about the Peter Lang’s EBA & EBS model.

Sites eBooks de vente aux particuliers

Nous coopérons avec ces sites eBooks de vente aux particuliers :

Amazon Kindle
Including amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca, amazon.de, and all Amazon websites where Kindle eBooks are sold
Bibliotech Education
Blackwell’s Learning
Follett HE
ITSI Education
Kobo (Academic)
Rethink Books
Zola Academic

Pour une liste des fournisseurs aux bibliothéques, clickez ici.

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