Gender and Sexualities in Education

Gender and Sexualtites in Education

Editors: Elizabeth Meyer
ISSN: 2166-8507

Part of the Peter Lang Diversity series, the Gender and Sexualities in Education series seeks to publish high quality manuscripts that address the complex interrelationship between gender and sexuality in shaping young people’s schooling experiences, their participation in popular youth cultures, and their sense of self in relation to others. Books published might include: a study of hip-hop youth culture, Latina/o students, white working class youth, or LGBTQQ community groups –– in each case asking how they explore, challenge, and perform gender and sexualities as part of learning and «“becoming somebody».” Other books might address issues of masculinities, gender and embodiment, trans and genderqueer youth, sexuality education, or the construction of heteronormativity in schools. We invite contributions from authors of ethnographic and other qualitative studies, theoretical texts, as well as critical analyses of popular culture “«texts”» targeted at or produced by youth – including an analysis of popular music and fan culture, video and film, and gaming culture. While the focus of the series is on original research or theoretical monographs, exceptionally well-crafted proposals for thematically coherent edited volumes and textbooks will also be considered.
For additional information about this series or for the submission of manuscripts, please contact:
Dennis Carlson, Miami University: carlsodl@muohio.edu
Elizabeth J. Meyer, California Polytechnic State University: ejmeyer@calpoly.edu