Editors: Adrian Hsia
ISSN: 2235-6258

"EUROSINICA is a book series for monographs of various thematic focuses, sharing the goal of studying culture and literature in contemporary or historical contexts. The series, under the imprint of Peter Lang, was founded in 1984 by the German sinologist Günther Debon (1921–2005) and the Canadian comparatist Adrian Hsia (1938–2010); so far, thirteen books have been published. While the founding editors placed the emphasis on the transfer processes of classical literary works and motifs between cultures, the continuation of their work requires new approaches.
Rather than operate within the conceptual framework of “cultural dialogue” between an East and a West viewed as distinct entities, the series editors tend to a view of cultures in contact. EUROSINICA is accordingly open for studies and interpretation of authors, personalities, genres and individual works committed to an understanding of humanity as a common source of values which, rather than be impeded by cultural, linguistic or ethnic disparity, are being reshaped and reinvented in different settings.
From the basic concept the series’ founders have contributed, we will carry on the approach to literature, the arts and history as transnational narratives emerging out of distinct contextualization and relying on as well as contributing to both the European and the Sinic cultural spheres. We explicitly welcome well-argued innovative interpretations of classical works, as we do historical and translation studies. At a time of ongoing global changes of aesthetic and critical paradigms, EUROSINICA does not intend to propose the East-West-paradigm as a last refuge for intellectual cultural conservatism, but rather envisages new critical approaches to the sporadic process of aesthetic and historical interactions (“contacts”) between formerly allegedly “separated” cultural spheres.

For Authors
EUROSINICA expects to publish between one and two volumes annually and aims for a balance between studies of contemporary or ancient focus. It thereby seeks to counter the trend of separating research on classical and modern issues.
EUROSINICA will consider manuscripts in European languages. The series editors and board members are scholars at universities in the Baltic and Nordic countries of Europe, as well as in mainland China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. They represent the disciplines of comparative literature, cultural studies and history in European and East Asian languages.
As a series, EUROSINICA is directed and managed by AsiaRes, the Baltic Research Center for East Asian studies at the University of Latvia in Riga and the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies at Stockholm University. For further information, please write to eurosinica@asiares.lv or irmy.schweiger@orient.su.se.
• Frank Kraushaar (Tallinn University/Tallinn/Estonia; AsiaRes University of Latvia/Riga/Latvia)
• Irmy Schweiger (University of Stockholm/Sweden)

Board Members
• He Chengzhou (Nanjing)
• Mark Gamsa (Tel Aviv / Riga)
• Shu-ching Ho (Düsseldorf)
• Lucie Berner (Macao)
• Tatsuo Takahashi (Tokyo)
• Rossella Ferrari (London)