Générations futures, Paix et Environnement / Future generations, Peace and the Environment

ISSN: 2736-3279

The purpose of this collection is to promote the work carried out by the Normandy Chair for Peace, which investigates the rights of future generations and Peace with the Earth. Resolutely open to the international scene and committed to multidisciplinarity, the Normandy Chair for Peace will publish here the proceedings and scholarship it has coordinated in fields as varied as: the legal protection of the planet, the rights of indigenous peoples, the rights of nature, animals, success stories, and environmental peace-building. This collection strives for coherence among the various transformations currently under way in international, regional and national legal systems with a view toward establishing sustainable protection of the environment, environmental rights and the future. The collection also explores protection of the future human condition along with bioethical issues that are constantly renewing the legitimate fields of law.
Drawing on the immemorial wisdom of Humankind, this collection intends to promote all types of work illustrating the imperative of civilization according to which: "We shall have peace on Earth when we live in Peace with the Earth".