Gdańsk Transatlantic Studies in British and North American Culture

Editors: Marek Wilczynski

The interdisciplinary series brings together literary and cultural studies concerning literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world, particularly those of Great Britain, Ireland, the United States, and Canada. The range of topics to be addressed includes literature, theater, film, and art, considered in various twenty-first-century theoretical perspectives, such as, for example (but not exclusively), New Historicism and canon formation, cognitive narratology, gender and queer studies, performance studies, memory and trauma studies, and New Art History. The editors welcome Ph.D. dissertations and Habilitation projects, as long as they constitute valuable and original contributions to the above fields. We are leaving a broad margin for the innovative and the unpredictable, hoping to attract authors whose approaches will point to new directions of research as regards both thematic areas and methods. Comparative Polish-Anglo-American proposals will be considered, too. Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts of monographs, collected volumes, post-conference volumes as well as dissertations.
From Vol. 10 onwards, the series continues as Transatlantic Studies in British and North American Culture.


  • Title: Image in Modern(ist) Verse

    Image in Modern(ist) Verse

    Volume 9
    by Janusz Semrau (Volume editor) Marek Wilczyński (Volume editor) 2015
    ©2016 Edited Collection 170 Pages
  • Title: Affinities


    Essays in Honour of Professor Tadeusz Rachwał
    Volume 8
    by Agnieszka Pantuchowicz (Volume editor) Slawomir Maslon (Volume editor) 2014
    ©2015 Others 330 Pages
  • Title: Eating America: Crisis, Sustenance, Sustainability

    Eating America: Crisis, Sustenance, Sustainability

    Volume 7
    by Justyna Kociatkiewicz (Volume editor) Laura Suchostawska (Volume editor) Dominika Ferens (Volume editor) 2014
    ©2015 Edited Collection 304 Pages
  • Title: Crime Scenes

    Crime Scenes

    Modern Crime Fiction in an International Context
    Volume 6
    by Urszula Elias (Volume editor) Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Charlish (Volume editor) 2014
    ©2014 Edited Collection 343 Pages
  • Title: The Living Mirror

    The Living Mirror

    The Representation of Doubling Identities in the British and Polish Women’s Literature (1846–1938)
    Volume 5
    by Klara Naszkowska (Author) 2014
    ©2014 Monographs 263 Pages
  • Title: Exposures


    American Gay Men’s Life Writing since Stonewall
    Volume 4
    by Tomasz Basiuk (Author) 2014
    ©2013 Monographs 398 Pages
  • Title: «We Search the Past … for Our Own Lost Selves.»

    «We Search the Past … for Our Own Lost Selves.»

    Representations of Historical Experience in Recent American Fiction
    Volume 3
    by Marta Koval (Author) 2013
    ©2013 Monographs 255 Pages
  • Title: American Experience – The Experience of America

    American Experience – The Experience of America

    Volume 2
    by Andrzej Ceynowa (Volume editor) Marek Wilczynski (Volume editor) 2013
    ©2013 Edited Collection 346 Pages
  • Title: Byron and the Baroque

    Byron and the Baroque

    Volume 1
    by Miroslawa Modrzewska (Author) 2013
    ©2013 Monographs 174 Pages