Hip-Hop Education

Innovation, Inspiration, Elevation

ISSN: 2643-5551

Hip-Hop Education is a sociopolitical movement that utilizes both online and offline platforms to advance the utility of hip-hop as a theoretical framework and practical approach to teaching and learning. The movement is aimed at disrupting the oppressive structures of schools and schooling for marginalized youth through a reframing of hip-hop in the public sphere, and the advancement of the educative dimensions of the hip-hop culture. Hip-Hop Education’s academic roots include, but are not limited to the fields of education, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies and it draws its most distinct connections to the field of hip-hop studies; which is in many ways, is the stem from which this branch of study has grown and established itself. Authors and academics who brought hip-hop into fields like African American studies, philosophy, and the general public writ large, provided in depth studies of a wide range of topics that range from feminism to race and racism. Hip-Hop Education: Innovation, Inspiration, Elevation will be the first of its kind in educational praxis. The series will be composed of books by artists, scholars, teachers, and community participants. The series will publish global authors who are experts in the fields of Hip-Hop, Education, Black Studies, Black Popular Culture, Community Studies, Activism, Music, and Curriculum.
Hip-Hop Education is explicit about its focus on the science and art of teaching and learning. This series argues that Hip-hop embodies the awareness, creativity and innovation that are at the core of any true education. Furthermore, its work brings visibility to the powerful yet silenced narratives of achievement and academic ability among the hip-hop generation; reflecting the brilliance, resilience, ingenuity and intellectual ability of those who are embedded in hip-hop culture but also not necessarily academics in the conventional sense.


  • Title: Street Scholar

    Street Scholar

    Using Public Scholarship to Educate, Advocate, and Liberate
    Volume 5
    by Angel Jones (Author) Christopher Emdin (Foreword) 2022
    ©2022 Textbook 108 Pages
  • Title: Teaching for Liberation

    Teaching for Liberation

    On Freedom Dreaming in the Field of Hip–Hop Education
    Volume 4
    by Edmund Adjapong (Author) Kelly Allen (Author) 2023
    Textbook 116 Pages
  • Title: HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-Hop Education

    HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-Hop Education

    Volume 3: Hip-Hop as Resistance and Social and Emotional Learning
    Volume 3
    by Ian Levy (Volume editor) Edmund Adjapong (Volume editor) 2021
    ©2021 Textbook 132 Pages
  • Title: HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-Hop Education

    HipHopEd: The Compilation on Hip-Hop Education

    Volume 2: Hip-Hop as Praxis & Social Justice
    Volume 2
    by Edmund Adjapong (Volume editor) Ian Levy (Volume editor) 2020
    ©2020 Textbook 160 Pages
  • Title: Youth Culture Power

    Youth Culture Power

    A #HipHopEd Guide to Building Teacher-Student Relationships and Increasing Student Engagement
    Volume 1
    by Jason Rawls (Author) John Robinson (Author) 2019
    ©2019 Textbook 114 Pages