New Disciplinary Perspectives on Education

ISSN: 2297-718X

Educational theory has always been framed within a wider context including philosophy, psychology, sociology and history. In the last ten years, educational discourse has been characterized by the emergence of a more managerialist paradigm and increased emphasis on the delivery of particular educational ‘outcomes’. This has taken place in the context of the huge expansion of tertiary education from the national level, a process in which education has come to be understood as a lucrative global commodity. But alongside these developments, there has also been a resurgence of interest in the educational insights provided by the disciplines of education: for example, renewed emphasis on enquiry-based approaches to learning (Dewey), social constructivist pedagogy (Vygotsky), educational critique (Bourdieu, Freire), new inter-religious pedagogies (Grimmit, Jackson) and fresh perspectives on the ‘spiral’ curriculum (Bruner). Much of this work takes the form of a critique of the instrumentalism of outcome-driven approaches. As the debt-laden student emerges as a political subject, educational discourse has come to represent a particularly contested terrain.
The book series New Disciplinary Perspectives on Education seeks to explore how these debates within the resurgence of the disciplines of education relate to wider political and economic conditions, creating new critical understandings and possibilities within educational theory and practice. It welcomes both theoretical and empirical studies, alongside mixed-methods approaches, and publishes disciplinary studies within philosophy, psychology, sociology and history as well as encouraging cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary work.


  • Title: The Levinasian Teacher

    The Levinasian Teacher

    Volume 6
    by Susan Bailey (Author) 2023
    ©2023 Monographs 182 Pages
  • Title: Critical Pedagogy and Emancipation

    Critical Pedagogy and Emancipation

    A Festschrift in Memory of Joyce Canaan
    Volume 5
    by Stephen Cowden (Volume editor) Gordon Asher (Volume editor) Shirin Housee (Volume editor) Maisuria Alpesh (Volume editor) 2022
    ©2022 Edited Collection 380 Pages
  • Title: Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education in Contemporary Context

    Paulo Freire’s Philosophy of Education in Contemporary Context

    From Italy to the World
    Volume 4
    by Jones Irwin (Volume editor) Letterio Todaro (Volume editor) 2022
    ©2022 Edited Collection 200 Pages
  • Title: Disrupting Education Policy

    Disrupting Education Policy

    How New Philanthropy Works to Change Education
    Volume 3
    by Marina Avelar (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs 222 Pages
  • Title: The Method of Democracy

    The Method of Democracy

    John Dewey's Theory of Collective Intelligence
    Volume 2
    by David Ridley (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs 220 Pages
  • Title: The Practice of Equality

    The Practice of Equality

    Jacques Rancière and Critical Pedagogy
    Volume 1
    by Stephen Cowden (Volume editor) David Ridley (Volume editor) 2019
    ©2019 Edited Collection 196 Pages