Telecollaboration in Education

ISSN: 1662-3037

The series' focus is on the pedagogical processes and outcomes of engaging learners
in different geographical locations in virtual contact and collaboration together. This
contact can take place through the application of online communication tools such as
e-mail, synchronous chat and threaded discussion as well as the tools of Web 2.0: like
wikis, blogs, and online publishing. The series is also particularly interested in innovative
teaching practices involving telecollaboration that integrate the use of newly emerging
forms of Internet tools such as social networking or 3D virtual worlds.
A major aim is to reflect the diversity of research and practice in this area of knowledge,
providing a space for transversal dialogue among teachers and teacher trainers,
administrators, researchers, and educators working in different subject areas as well
as various areas of education.
Telecollaboration in Education deals with the application of such activity in different
subject areas (e.g. Foreign Languages, History, Science) and in different educational
contexts, including but not limited to primary, secondary, university and adult education.
Publications within the series include scholarly monographs and collected papers
editions as well as cutting-edge projects that exemplify good practice in the application
of distanced collaborative efforts. Training manuals for educators in the organisation
and application of telecollaboration are also a possible type of publication within the
series. Language of publication is English.


  • Title: In This Together

    In This Together

    Teachers' Experiences with Transnational, Telecollaborative Language Learning Projects
    Volume 6
    by Melinda Ann Dooly Owenby (Volume editor) Robert O'Dowd (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Edited Collection 232 Pages
  • Title: A Plurilingual Corpus on Telecollaboration in Third Languages

    A Plurilingual Corpus on Telecollaboration in Third Languages

    Volume 5
    by Claudia Grümpel (Volume editor) Analía Cuadrado Rey (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Edited Collection 226 Pages
  • Title: Globalizing On-line

    Globalizing On-line

    Telecollaboration, Internationalization, and Social Justice
    Volume 4
    by Nataly Tcherepashenets (Volume editor) 2015
    ©2015 Edited Collection 264 Pages
  • Title: Researching Online Foreign Language Interaction and Exchange

    Researching Online Foreign Language Interaction and Exchange

    Theories, Methods and Challenges
    Volume 3
    by Melinda Dooly (Author) Robert O'Dowd (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Edited Collection 350 Pages
  • Title: Virtual Worlds for Language Learning

    Virtual Worlds for Language Learning

    From Theory to Practice
    Volume 2
    by Randall Sadler (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs 176 Pages
  • Title: Telecollaboration 2.0

    Telecollaboration 2.0

    Language, Literacies and Intercultural Learning in the 21 st Century
    Volume 1
    by Sarah Guth (Volume editor) Francesca Helm (Volume editor) 2010
    ©2010 Edited Collection 475 Pages