World Science Fiction Studies

ISSN: 2296-8814

World Science Fiction Studies understands science fiction to be an inherently global phenomenon. Proposals are invited for monographs and edited collections that celebrate the tremendous reach of a genre that continues to be interpreted and transformed by a variety of cultures and linguistic communities around the world. The series embraces this global vision of the genre but also supports the articulation of each community’s unique approach to the challenges of science, technology and society. The series encourages the use of contemporary theoretical approaches (e.g. postcolonialism, posthumanism, feminisms, ecocriticism) as well as engagement with positionalities understood through critical race and ethnicity studies, gender studies, queer theory, disability studies, class analysis, and beyond. Interdisciplinary work and research on any media (e.g. print, film, television, visual arts, video games, new media) is welcome. The language of the series is English.
Advisory Board: Jinyi Chu (Yale University), Antonio Cordoba (Manhattan College), Elizabeth Ginway (University of Florida), Hugh O’Connell (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Iva Polak (University of Zagreb), Umberto Rossi (Sapienza University of Rome), Alfredo Luiz Suppia (University of Campinas), Ida Yoshinaga (Georgia Institute of Technology).