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  • Title: Modern German Plays

    Modern German Plays

    An Advanced German Textbook
    by Peter Yang (Author) 2014
    ©2015 Monographs
  • Title: No! In Whispers

    No! In Whispers

    The Rhetoric of Dissent in American Writing
    by Michele Bottalico (Volume editor) 2018
    ©2018 Edited Collection
  • Title: Our Children – Our Responsibilities

    Our Children – Our Responsibilities

    Saving the Youth We Are Losing to Gangs
    by Christopher Anne Robinson-Easley (Author)
    ©2012 Textbook
  • Title: Literatura e Outras Artes

    Literatura e Outras Artes

    Construção da Memória em Angola e Moçambique
    by Ineke Phaf-Rheinberger (Volume editor) Ana Sobral (Volume editor) Selma Pantoja (Volume editor) 2017
    ©2017 Edited Collection
  • Title: Translating a Worldview

    Translating a Worldview

    Linguistic Worldview in Literary Translation
    by Agnieszka Gicala (Author) 2021
    ©2021 Monographs
  • Title: Frontier Governance In Imperial China

    Frontier Governance In Imperial China

    Strategies and Measures
    by Fang Tie (Author) 2023
    ©2023 Monographs
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