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  • Title: Workers, Citizens, Governance

    Workers, Citizens, Governance

    Socio-Cultural Innovation at Work
    by Francesco Garibaldo (Author) Mirella Baglioni (Author) Catherine Casey (Author) Volker Telljohann (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Edited Collection
  • Title: Theorizing Ambivalence in Ang Lee's Transnational Cinema

    Theorizing Ambivalence in Ang Lee's Transnational Cinema

    by Chih-Yun Chiang (Author) 2012
    ©2012 Monographs
  • Title: Changing Knowledge and Education

    Changing Knowledge and Education

    Communities, Mobilities and New Policies in Global Societies
    by Miguel A. Pereyra (Volume editor)
    ©2008 Edited Collection
  • Title: Online Territories

    Online Territories

    Globalization, Mediated Practice and Social Space
    by Miyase Christensen (Volume editor) André Jansson (Volume editor) Christian Christensen (Volume editor)
    ©2011 Textbook
  • Title: European Vistas

    European Vistas

    History, Ethics and Identity in the Works of Claudio Magris
    by Remko Smid (Author) 2019
    ©2020 Monographs
  • Title: Between Worlds

    Between Worlds

    An Anthology of Contemporary Fiction and Criticism
    by Deborah Poe (Volume editor) Ama Wattley (Volume editor)
    ©2012 Textbook
  • Title: Building the Radical Identity

    Building the Radical Identity

    The Diffusion of the Ideological Framework of the New Left
    by Eduardo Rey Tristán (Volume editor) Alberto Martín Álvarez (Volume editor) 2022
    ©2022 Edited Collection
  • Title: Transnationalizing Critical Intercultural Communication

    Transnationalizing Critical Intercultural Communication

    Legacy, Relevance, and Future
    by Ahmet Atay (Volume editor) Shinsuke Eguchi (Volume editor) Gloria Nziba Pindi (Volume editor) 2023
    ©2023 Textbook
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