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Working Knowledge in a Globalizing World

From Work to Learning, from Learning to Work


Liv Mjelde and Richard Daly

Contents: Vibe Aarkrog: Apprentices’ Transfer of Knowledge from School to Workplace in the VET Dual System: A Study of a VET-Programme for Rescue Officers – Faizul Bhyat: From the Particularities of Practice to the Generalisation of Theory – Jeanne Gamble: What Kind of Knowledge for the Vocational Curriculum? – Garnet Grosjean: Cooperative Education: Learning to Work - Working to Learn, and Trying to Make Sense of It All – Tony Irizar/Adita Chiappy: The Concepts of ‘Working Knowledge’ and ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ as Applied to the Teaching of English as a Secondary Language – Liv Mjelde: Workshop Pedagogy in Vocational Education: Working Knowledge and the Zone of Proximal Development – Antje Barabasch: School-to-Work Transition in East Germany: Are East German Youth Prepared for the Challenges of the Risk Society – Patricia A. Carter: Slipping Away: VET Public Policy and Gender Equity for Teen Mothers – Thomas Deissinger: The Apprenticeship Crisis in Germany: The National Debate and Implications for Full-time Vocational Education and Training – Philipp Gonon: A Short History of German Vocational Pedagogy: From Idealistic Classics to ‘Realistic’ Research – Peter Kell: Work and Learning in the Era of Global Insecurity: Skills and Views about Community in Vocational Education and Training in Australia – Katrin Kraus: ‘Work-Life Balance’ Campaigns and their Contribution to Re-define the Notion of Vocational Qualification – Richard D. Lakes: Unemployed Youth and Vocational Pathways: Opportunity Structures in the New Economy – Lorenz Lassnigg: Social Organization of Knowledge in VET: Challenges for Schooling and Apprenticeship in Austria – Antony Lindgren: Adult Education, an Out-moded Concept, or What? – Martha Roldán: Information/Knowledge-based Development, Time-Space Configurations, and Engendered Work Organization: Exploring the New International Division of Labor and some Implications for Vocational Education in Argentina (1990s-2000s) – Anne Smehaugen: Educational Opportunity and Outcome in two North-South Extremes in Europe: Spain and Norway – Manfred Wahle: Conceptualizing a Modern Professional Role for German Kindergarten Teachers: Remarks on Reform Proposals to Kindergarten Teacher Education – Markus Weil: Cooperation for Learning: Examples of Continuing Vocational Education in Swiss Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).