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Versatility in Versification

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Metrics


Tonya Kim Dewey

Contents: Kristján Árnason: Preface and Acknowledgments – Frog/Tonya Kim Dewey: Introduction – Michael Schulte: Early Runic ‘metrical’ inscriptions - How metrical are they? – Guðrún Nordal: Metrical learning and the First Grammatical Treatise – Kristján Árnason: On Kuhn’s Laws and Craigie’s Law in Old Icelandic poetry – Thórhallur Eythórsson: The syntax of the verb in Old Icelandic: Evidence from poetry – Tonya Kim Dewey: The effect of prosody on the linear structure of adpositional phrases in eddic verse – Ragnar Ingi Aðalsteinsson: Alliteration and grammatical categories – Chris Golston: Old English feet – Tomas Riad: Accents left and right – Nigel Fabb: Formal interactions in poetic meter – Stefano Versace: How Germanic features can appear in Italian metrical poetry – Sissel Furuseth: The poem as a site of inherited structures and artistic innovation – Jacqueline Pattison Ekgren: Dipod rules: Norwegian stev, paired accents and accentual poetry – Frog: Speech-acts in skaldic verse: Genre, compositional strategies and improvisation – Helgi Skúli Kjartansson: No royal road: The extremes of dróttkvætt lines in Snorri’s Háttatal – Bergljót Soffía Kristjánsdóttir: Gnast and brast: On metrics, enjambment and more in two ditties in Gísla saga, the shorter version – Eva Lilja: Towards a theory of aesthetic rhythm.