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Towards the Learning Society

Educational Issues


Palmira Juceviciene, Gediminas Merkys and Gerd-Bodo Reinert von Carlsburg

Contents: Vitalija Tumėnienė: The Exchange of Cultural Values as the Context of Teacher’s Activity – Diana Lipinskienė: Examination of the Role of Socialization in Liberal Education – Ilona Skersienė: Examination of Some Educational Requirements for Liberal Education – Nijolė Čiučiulkienė: Implications of Teaching and Schooling of a Liberal Democratic Conception of Education – Gerd-Bodo Reinert von Carlsburg: Erfahrung - Beobachtung - Bewertung. Selbstbestimmtes Lernen durch teilnehmerorientierte Seminararbeit – Auksė Markevičienė: Challenges for a Changing University in the Globalized World – Regina Novikienė: The Values of the University in a Liberal Democratic Society: Critical Exploration – Gintarė Tautkevičienė: Changes in the Role of the University Library in the Context of Transformation in Educational Paradigm – Virginija Chreptavičienė: Business Communication Competence and the Landmarks for its Development in University Studies – Audronė Poškienė: Critical Pedagogy and Language Learning/Teaching in the Context of University Change – Inga Meškauskienė: Zur Einflussnahme deutsch-litauischer Handelsbeziehungen auf die litauische Sprachpolitik – Raimonda Minkutė-Henricson: Testing Motivational Mechanism: The Expression of its Peculiarities at University Studies – Brigita Janiūnaitė: Educational Innovations as a Means of Educational Changes: Problematic Aspects of Conceptualizing, Locating and Assessing Educational Innovations – Brigita Stanikūnienė: Critical Exploration of a Proper Role of Market Forces in Adult Education – Nijolė Bankauskienė/Nijolė Čiučiulkienė/Liuda Šiaučiukėnienė: Verbal Communication Aspects in the Process of Educating in Philology in the Context of New Educational Mentality – Vilma Žydžiūnaitė: Vocational Education in Post-Industrial Age: In Defense of a Broad Conception of Vocational Education? – Marija Jotautienė: Vocational Education, Market and Values: Analysis of Some Key Issues – Dalija Gudaitytė: Transition from the Elite to Mass Higher Education: Problems and Perspectives – Eglė Katiliūtė: Ethics of Social Order for Education as a Controversy in a Pluralistic Democratic Society – Palmira Jucevičienė: An Integrative Approach to the Theory and Practice of Social Work – Vilija Adaškevičienė: Controversies Related to the Development of National Identity in the Curriculum of Lithuanian Common School in the Context of European Dimension – Vilma Staskevičienė: Changes in Lithuanian System of Children Care and a New Perception of Foster Care – Gediminas Merkys/Diana Šaparnienė: Students’ Computer Literacy and Social Environment in the Context of the Society with Limited Resources – Kirsten Hoffmann/Gerd-Bodo Reinert von Carlsburg: Lernen in der Informationsgesellschaft - ein Leben lang – Irena Leliūgienė/Viktorija Baršauskienė: Professionalisation of Lithuanian Socio-Educational Work in the Context of Modernisation of the Lithuanian Education System.