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Education and the Great Depression

Lessons from a Global History


E. Thomas Ewing and David Hicks

Contents: E. Thomas Ewing/David Hicks: Introduction: Education in the Great Depression – John F. Lyons: Regional Variations in Union Activism of American Public Schoolteachers – E. Thomas Ewing: The «Virtues of Planning»: American Educators Look at Soviet Schools – Michele Cohen: Civilization: Its Rise and Fall in New Deal School Murals – Charles Lansing: The Great Depression, German Teachers, and Nazi Revolution in the Schools – Regennia N. Williams: Reading, Writing, and Racial Uplift: Education and Reform in Cleveland, Ohio – Edward Janak: «Caught in a Tangled Skein»: The Great Depression in South Carolina’s Schools – Carol Mutch: The Sugarbag Years: Politics and Education Intersect in New Zealand – Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.: One-Room and Country Schools Depicted in Farm Security Administration Photographs – Barak A. Salmoni: The Pedagogy of Work and Thrift: Economic Intentionality as Turkish Educational Priority – Kristen D. Nawrotzki: «Shall the Youngest Suffer Most?» U.S. Kindergartens in the Depression – Alberto Gawryszewski/Michael L. Conniff: Progressive Schools for a Democratic Society: Reforming Education in Rio de Janeiro – David Hicks/Stephanie Van Hover: «A Magnificent Adventure»: Negotiating and Structuring Curricular Change in Virginia – Amy J. Johnson: Encouraging Education, Increasing Income: The al-Manayil Village and Rural Education in Egypt – E. Thomas Ewing/David Hicks: Afterword: Lessons from a Global History.