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Teaching City Kids

Understanding and Appreciating Them


Kecia Hayes and Joe L. Kincheloe

Contents: Joe L. Kincheloe: City Kids - Not the Kind of Students You’d Want to Teach – Rosalina Diaz: Latinas in Single-Sex Schools: An Historical Overview – Pepi Leistyna: How Multicultural Curriculum Development Often Misses the Mark – Richard D. Lakes: Urban Youth and Biographical Projects: Notes on Educational and Employment Transitions – Victor Goode/Jennifer D. Goode: De Facto Zero Tolerance: An Exploratory Study of Race and Safe School Violations – Rebecca A. Goldstein: Who You Think I Am Is Not Necessarily Who I Think I Am: The Multiple Positionalities of Urban Student Identities – Garret Albert Duncan/Ryonnel Jackson: Making a Way Out of No Way: Black Male Students at City High School – Marguerite V. Wyngaard: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies: African American High School Students’ Perspectives – Priya Parmar/Bryonn Bain: Spoken Word and Hip Hop: The Power of Urban Art and Culture – Korina M. Jocson: Urban Youth Engaging Poetry and Creating Learning Communities – Venus Evans-Winters: Urban African American Female Students and Educational Resiliency – Noel S. Anderson: «I Still Fear I’m Gonna Slip»: A Case Study of African American and Latino Males in an Urban College Preparation Program – kecia hayes: Appreciating the Landscape That Urban Youth of Color Must Navigate to Become Effective Social Actors in Our Civil Society – Handel Kashope Wright/Sidonia Alenuma: Race, Urban Schools, and Educational Reform: The Context, Utility, Pros, and Cons of the Magnet Example – Rochelle Brock: Becoming Whole Again through Critical Thought: A Recipe – Sally M. Reis/Thomas P. Hébert: Supporting Academic Achievement in Culturally Diverse and Academically Talented Urban Students – L. A. Gabay: Pedagogical Practices within the Prison Industrial Complex – Elizabeth Quintero: Multicultural Story: Learning from the Experts in Urban Neighborhoods – Ernest Morrell: Urban Students as Critical Ethnographers: Critical Textual Production through Community-Based Research – Winthrop R. Holder: Unplugged: Releasing the Creative Potentials of Urban Students.