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Third Level, Third Space

Intercultural Communication and Language in European Higher Education


Michael Kelly, Imelda Elliott and Lars Fant

Contents: Walter Lorenz: Intercultural communication and ethical commitments in post-modernity – Geneviève Zarate: Cross-cultural awareness in higher education – Angela Chambers: Intercultural communication: the role of virtual mobility – Pol Cuvelier: Implementing a flexible model for the teaching of intercultural communicative competence – Lars Fant: Creating awareness of identity work in conversation: a resource for language training – Marie-France Noël/Isabelle Roblin: Case study: a joint module for first year students in two institutions in two adjoining countries – Shirley Lawes/Marie-José Barbot: The intercultural problems involved in setting up a joint teacher training programme – Michael Kelly: Towards an intercultural practice of language teaching – Martine Abdallah-Pretceille: Intercultural communication: elements for a curricular approach – Marie-José Barbot/Alain Payeur: The intercultural approach and the evolution of the education system – Imelda Elliott: Institutional knowledge and intercultural communication in higher education.