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Science Fiction Literature in East Germany


Sonja Fritzsche

Contents: German Science Fiction before 1949 – Reconciling Science Fiction with Socialist Realism (1949-1960) – «Fantasy – Idea – Realization» (1961-1970) – Utopian Realism - The Case of Eberhardt Del Antonio’s Return of the Forefathers – An East German New Wave (1971-1980) – Ambiguous Utopia - Johanna and Günter Brauns’ Uncanny Manifestations on Omega XI – Utopian/Dystopian Resurgence in a Time of Perestroika (1981-1990) – Searching for Utopia - Angela and Karlheinz Steinmüllers’ The Dream Master – Bleibt was? East German Science Fiction Since 1989.