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Asian Business Discourse(s)


Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini and Maurizio Gotti

Contents: Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini/Maurizio Gotti: Introduction – Dániel Zoltán Kádár: Power and Profit: The Role of Elevating / Denigrating Forms of Address in Pre-modern Chinese Business Discourse – Kenneth Kong: Metaphors in Network Marketing Discourse: Language, Ideology and Organisational Culture in Hong Kong – Miranda Lee: Uniqueness of Asian Promotion Discourse: A Contrastive Study of Hong Kong Bilingual Texts and Native English Texts – Yunxia Zhu: Effective Communication in Chinese Business Fax Writing – Habil Hadina/Shameem Rafik-Galea: Communicating at the Workplace: Insights into Malaysian Electronic Business Discourse – Bertha Du-Babcock: Communication Behaviors in Intra- and Inter-cultural Decision-making Meetings – Carl Hinze: Looking into ‘Face’: The Importance of Chinese Mian and Lian as Emic Categories – Michael Haugh: What Does ‘Face’ Mean to the Japanese? Understanding the Import of ‘Face’ in Japanese Business Interactions – Winnie Cheng/Martin Warren: // well I have a DIFferent // THINking you know //: A Corpus-driven Study of Disagreement in Hong Kong Business Discourse – Song Mei Lee-Wong: Raising Awareness of Hedging in Chinese Business Letters: Linguistic Symbol of Precision or Politeness? – Yeonkwon Jung: Power and Politeness in Korean Business Correspondence – Carmela Briguglio: Developing an Understanding of English as a Global Language for a Business Setting.