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Language, Culture and the Law

The Formulation of Legal Concepts across Systems and Cultures


Vijay K. Bhatia, Christopher N. Candlin and Paola Evangelisti Allori

The volume presents a set of invited papers based on analyses of legal discourse drawn from a number of international contexts where often the English language and legal culture has had to adjust to legal concepts very different from those of the English law system. Many of the papers were inspired by two major projects on legal language and inter-multiculturality: Generic Integrity in Legislative Discourse in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts based in Hong Kong and carried out by an international team and Interculturality in Domain-specific English, a national project supported by the Italian Ministry for Education and Research, involving research units from five Italian universities.
Contents: Vijay Bhatia/Christopher N. Candlin/Paola Evangelisti Allori: Introduction – Maurizio Gotti: The Formulation of Legal Concepts in Arbitration Normative Texts in a Multilingual, Multicultural Context – Giuliana Garzone: International Commercial Arbitration Rules as Translated/Rewritten Texts: An Intercultural Perspective – Paola Evangelisti Allori: The Linguistic Formulation of Power: Modality and Power Relations in Two Sets of Sports-related Arbitration Rules – Michela Menghini: Italian-English Correspondences in the Juridical Discourse of Sports Arbitration: an Electronic Glossary – Tarja Salmi-Tolonen: Negotiated Meaning and International Commercial Law – Martin Solly: ‘Uberrima fidei’: Language Choice and Cultural Undertones in the Insurance of International Trade – Gigliola Sacerdoti Mariani: Linguistic ‘Checks and Balances’ in the Draft EU Constitution – Marina Dossena: ‘The times they’re a-changing’: The Abolition of Feudal Tenure (Scotland) Act 2000 and Linguistic Strategies of Popularization – Giuditta Caliendo/Marco Venuti: EU Discourse on Enlargement: The Negotiation of Meaning – Cristina Pennarola: How EU Secondary Legislation Encodes Humanitarian Aid Policies – Marchilia Volini: Phrasemes in EU Framework Decisions – Paola Catenaccio: Implementing Council Directive 1993/13/EEU on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts in Great Britain: A Case for Intra-linguistic Translation? – Girolamo Tessuto: Legal Concepts and Terminography: Analysis and Application – Marta Chromá: Semantic and Legal Interpretation: Two Approaches to Legal Translation – Stefano Marrone: System-texts and Cross-system’s Translation.