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Queering Paradigms


B. Scherer

This book brings together original, peer-reviewed research providing new perspectives on the status quo and challenges for the future of Queer Theory / Queer Studies.
Drawing inspiration from the conference in Queer Studies that was held at Canterbury Christ Church University in February and March 2009, the chapters offer analyses and insights into changing academic and public discourses on sexual and gender normativities within a wide multi- and trans-disciplinary scope.
Transcending the binary axis of homo- vs. heterosexuality, the book analyzes, queries, and challenges multiple overt and hidden heteronormative and gender binarist assumptions; in six larger areas, paradigmatic discourses in academia and public life are discussed: Queered Identities, Queer Politics, Queering Public Discourses, Queering the Classroom, Pop Queer, and Queer Readings.
The contributing authors represent the wide spectrum of scholarship engaged with Queer Theory, including political and social science, philosophy, history, literary criticism, cultural studies, education, psychology, and legal studies. They conversely and discursively contribute to the evaluation, reformulation, and if appropriate reclaiming of academic approaches in Queer Studies.
Contents: Burkhard Scherer: Introduction: Queering Paradigms – Christien Garcia: General Queer; or, Lee Edelman and the Oppositional Meaning of Queer – Helen Sauntson/Liz Morrish: Performing Lesbian Sexual Identity through Discourse – Gemma Ruth Commane: Bad Girls and Dirty Bodies: Performative Histories and Transformative Styles – Murray Couch: Transgender Self-identification, Disjunctions with Clinical and Theoretical Accounts, and the Illuminating Potential of Queer – Benjamin Shepard: Queer Politics and Anti-Capitalism: From Theory to Praxis – Elizabeth Pulane Motswapong: Surviving Behind the Mask: Lesbians and Gays in Botswana – Leonardo J. Raznovich: Recognition of Overseas Same-Sex Marriages: A Matter of Equality and Sound Statutory Interpretation – Ian Marsh: Queering Suicide: The Problematic Figure of the «Suicidal Homosexual» in Psychiatric Discourse – Matthew Ball/Sharon Hayes: Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring the Parameters – Sharon Hayes/Matthew Ball: «Homophobia» in the University Classroom: Law and Justice Students’ Conceptualizations of Queer Identity – Angela Dwyer: Saving Schools from Abomination and Abnormal Sex: A Discourse Analysis of Online Public Commentary about «Queering» School Spaces – Sharon Hayes/Matthew Ball: Queering Cyberspace: Fan Fiction Communities as Spaces for Expressing and Exploring Sexuality – William L. Leap: Language, Homo-masculinity and Gay Sexual Cinema – Alex Choat/Ken Fox: Queering the System: Baltimore, Dissent, Abnormality and Subversion in The Wire – David Peterson: «Everthing built on that»: Queering Western Space in Proulx’s «Brokeback Mountain» – Joanne Woodman: Life is Not Always a Cabaret: Queer, Working-Class, Magical Realism in Marked for Life (1996), Does it Show? (1997) and Could it be Magic? (1999) by Paul Magrs – Maria Katharina Wiedlack: Transgressing Genders - A Queer Reading of German Literature: Judith Hermann’s «Sonja» and Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s Lyric Novella.