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Responsibility and Cultures of the World

Dialogue around a collective challenge


Edith Sizoo

This book brings together eleven contributions by authors from all parts of the world who have examined the notion of responsibility in their respective countries. In the first part Edith Sizoo presents a comparative analysis of those texts which reflect a rich variety of worldviews and traditions: harmony with the earth and relational ethics in the Maori culture of New Zealand, juridical approach in France, responsibility in Confucian thinking in China, individualism in the face of collective duty in the United States, duty and responsibility on the shores of the Congo, responsibility in Arab Islamic culture, encountering the sense of responsibility in Germany…
This book thus presents an intercultural vision of responsibility that is all the more interesting because the final texts are the outcome of an intense dialogue between the authors. This exchange enhanced a more explicit expression of their respective points of view, thus making these more accessible to people from other cultural backgrounds.
Contents: Michel Sauquet: Preface – Edith Sizoo: General Introduction – Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal/Betsan Martin: Indigenous Ethics of Responsibility in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Harmony with the Earth and Relational Ethics – Clifford G. Christians: The Challenge of Responsibility in the United States. Individualism in the Face of Collective Obligation – Makarand Paranjape: Indian Notions of Responsibility. Self, Society and the World – Isidore Ndaywel è Nziem: Duty and Responsibility on the Shores of the Congo. Community Tradition Put to the Test in a Changing World – Christoph Eberhard: Responsibility in France. A Juridical Approach in the Face of the Complexity of the World – Tarek Al-Noman: Responsibility in Arab-Islamic Culture – Jin Siyan: Responsibility in Confucian Thinking. Being Worthy of Trust – Sylvia H. Guerrero: Filipino Notions of Responsibility. The Shared Identity of the Self and the Other – Tina Bochorishvili: The Idea of Responsibility in the Georgian Context – Ina Ranson: «Verantwortung» in Germany. Encountering the Sense of Responsibility – Rachel Trajber: Responsibility in Brazil. Imagination and Experience.