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The Corporate Assault on Youth

Commercialism, Exploitation, and the End of Innocence


Deron Boyles

The Corporate Assault on Youth examines childhood as a social construction increasingly influenced by corporations and commercialism. Through case studies, critical analysis, and historical/philosophical research, the essays collected here expose the degree to which children are unwitting targets of marketing. With topics ranging from the presence of media branding in schools and school supplies to the subtler ways in which the public education system is influenced by corporate ideologies and purposes, this book draws much-needed attention to how educators, administrators, policymakers, parents, and children can become aware of, and counterbalance, the effects of the commercialism that is overwhelming students’ understanding of the world and their place within it.
Contents: Tony Carusi: Introduction – Carolyn Vander Schee: Consuming Health: Health Curricula and the Production of a Healthy Student – Jennifer Esposito/Bettina Love: More Than a Video Ho: Hip Hop as a Site of Sex Education about Girls’ Sexual Desires – Dennis Attick: Consumption Is the Message: Television Advertising and Adolescents – Permeil Daas: The Automobile Industry’s Influence on Adolescents’ Choice of Transportation: How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Cultivate Consumers of Automobiles – Deron Boyles: Would You Like Values with That? Chick-fil-A and Character Education – Carly Stasko/Trevor Norris: Packaging Youth and Selling Tomorrow: Deconstructing the Myths of Marketalkracy – Dennis Attick: BusRadio: Music to a Captive Audience? – Deron Boyles: Uncovering the Coverings: The Use of Corporate Supplied Textbook Covers to Further Uncritical Consumerism – Kenneth J. Saltman: Schooling in Disaster Capitalism: How the Political Right Is Using Disaster to Privatize Public Schooling.