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The Ethical Educator

Integrating Ethics within the Context of Teaching and Teacher Research

Susan Israel and Cynthia A. Lassonde

The Ethical Educator addresses critical aspects of ethical conduct related to teaching and teacher research. Identifying strategies and opportunities for reflection, it seeks to guide teachers and researchers in their quest for adherence to the highest level of ethical standards within their practice. Written from an educational perspective, this book will appeal especially to teachers engaged in research in classroom settings, those engaged in collaborative research within the university and school, and pre-service teachers. The book addresses the numerous ethical codes by which teachers are guided – those of their professional associations, as well as those set forth by teaching and research associations – and the many ways in which world issues challenge our systems of teaching and research, providing opportunities for self-reflection on ethical behavior.
Contents: Allen Berger: Foreword – Susan E. Israel: Introduction: The Ethical Mind - Philosophical and Pedagogical Perspectives – P. Karen Murphy/Patricia A. Alexander: Cherishing Student’s Meanings While Seeking Change: Walking an Ethical Tightrope – Joanne Kilgour Dowdy: Know Thyself: Perceptions Based on Society, Ethnicity, and Experience – Ying Tang: Defining the Unspoken Rules: The Ethical Practices – Emily Phillips: The Dilemma of Practicing and Teaching Confidentiality within the School Setting: Serving Multiple Agendas and Goals – Jennifer Goeke/Deborah Eldridge: Ethical Resistance in Teacher Education: Calling Out and Truth-Telling in Academia – Joye Smith: Nuts and Bolts: Federal Regulations and Local Institutional Review Boards – Cynthia A. Lassonde: Researching in a Small-Town School: Getting to Know Each Other – Nithya Narayanaswamy Iyer/Daqi Li: Reflections on a Dilemma in Special Education Courses – Gina A. Goble: Ethics, Research, and Reflection: A Teaching Journey of the Heart – Debra Dyer: Journeying from Imposed Silence to Audacious Voice as a Teacher Researcher – Katherine A. Dougherty Stahl: The Ivory Tower in the Blackboard Jungle: Striving for Coexistence – Kelly B. Cartwright: Ethics in Educational Research and Research Education: Putting Students First – Neal Shambaugh: The Ethical Dilemmas of Teacher Research as a Research Agenda – Linda Pratt/Kenneth J. Weiss: Student Teachers, Teacher Research, and Ethics – Cynthia Shanahan: Conclusion: Themes in Ethical Behaviour in Educational Practice.