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Anxiety in Schools

The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions for Academic Anxieties


Jerrell C. Cassady

Anxiety in Schools presents current theory and research addressing both context- and content-specific contributions to anxieties experienced in schools. The concept of «academic anxiety» is a new construct, formed through the content within this book, and is proposed as a unifying representation for various forms of specialized manifestations of anxiety in school settings. With contributions from leaders in their respective fields of academic anxieties, the book provides detailed and thorough explorations of the varied and specific orientations toward anxieties in school settings. Explicit attention is given to the broader construct of academic anxiety and the contextual influences that can be brought to overcome or mitigate the impact of the many academic anxieties encountered by learners.
Contents: Jerrell C. Cassady: Test Anxiety: Contemporary Theories and Implications for Learning – Mark Brosnan/Peter Goodison: Anxiety, Flow, and Boredom: Optimizing Computer-Based Learning in the Classroom – Molly M. Jameson: Math Anxiety: Theoretical Perspectives on Potential Influences and Outcomes – S. Michael Putman: The Debilitative Effects of Anxiety on Reading Affect – Shari L. Britner: Science Anxiety: Relationship to Achievement, Self-Efficacy, and Pedagogical Factors – Elaine K. Horwitz/Michael Tallon/Han Luo: Foreign Language Anxiety – Jason W. Osborne/David Tillman/Abigail Holland: Stereotype Threat and Anxiety for Disadvantaged Minorities and Women – Rebecca S. Martinez/Thomas J. Huberty: Anxiety in Students with Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities – Sal Mendaglio: Anxiety in Gifted Students – Kathryn L. Fletcher/Jerrell C. Cassady: Overcoming Academic Anxieties: Promoting Effective Coping and Self-Regulation Strategies.