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How Teachers Learn

An Educational Psychology of Teacher Preparation


Michael D. Andrew and James R. Jelmberg

The essential goal for teacher education seems clear: to provide our nation’s schools with the best possible teacher candidates. This statement is a basic one, yet the ramifications for our nation’s children and our country’s future are critical. In the words of editor Michael D. Andrew, «Good teachers are at the heart of good schools, and to produce better teachers is to proportionately produce better education.» This book shows us how to provide the best possible preparation for our nation’s teachers. Through a case study of the five-year teacher education program at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and selected research articles and convention presentations related to the program, How Teachers Learn documents the evolution and achievements of a program that is a model of the best practices for teacher preparation.
Contents: Sharon Nodie Oja/Ann Diller/Ellen Corcoran/Michael D. Andrew: Communities of Inquiry, Communities of Support: The Five-Year Teacher Education Program at the University of New Hampshire – Sharon Nodie Oja: The Educational Psychology of a Collaborative Approach to Supervision – Michael D. Andrew: Shared Accountability in Developing, Maintaining, and Improving a Five-Year Program – Michael D. Andrew: Teacher Education: Past - Present - Future – Michael D. Andrew: The Characteristics of Students in a Five-Year Teacher Education Program – Eleanor Abrams/Michael D. Andrew: Admission to the University of New Hampshire’s Teacher Education Program: Criteria for Success – Michael D. Andrew: Not Everyone Can Be a Good Teacher – James R. Jelmberg: The Educational Psychology of an Early Field-Experience Course – Michael D. Andrew: A Summary of the Knowledge Base Underlying the UNH Extended Teacher Education Program – Ellen Corcoran/Michael D. Andrew: A Full-Year Internship: An Example of School-University Collaboration – Tom Schram/Donna Mills/Wendy B. Leach: Using Portfolios to Mediate Learning and Inquiry among Interns and Teachers – James R. Jelmberg: College-Based Teacher Education versus State-Sponsored Alternative Programs – Michael D. Andrew: Assessing Entry, Retention, Classroom Performance, and Leadership Behavior through Graduate Follow-Up – Sharon Nodie Oja/Michael D. Andrew/Vincent J. Connelly: Analyzing the Moral Judgment of Teaching Interns: Moral Development in a Full-Year Internship.