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The Positive Side of Interpersonal Communication


Thomas Socha and Margaret J. Pitts

Building on past research that includes prosocial-antisocial communication, positive psychology, as well as complementing the dark side of interpersonal communication, this groundbreaking volume brings together veteran interpersonal communication scholars to examine the bright, positive sides of communication in human relations. Together, they begin to frame a conceptual foundation for studies on the «positive» side of interpersonal communication, or in general terms, relational communication that promotes happiness, health, and wellness. In the process they examine moments of relational beauty, laughter and play, positive emotion, relational support, understanding, and forgiveness, as well as facilitation of positive character traits and positive relational communication values. The Positive Side of Interpersonal Communication is intended to serve as a starting point for future research as well as inspiring new areas of interpersonal communication scholarship.
Contents: Steve Duck: Foreword. So Let It Be with Caesar…? – Thomas J. Socha/Margaret J. Pitts: Toward a Conceptual Foundation for Positive Interpersonal Communication – Leslie A. Baxter/Kristen M. Norwood/Sarah Nebel: Aesthetic Relating – Young Yun Kim: Being in Concert: An Explication of Synchrony in Positive Intercultural Communication – Julien C. Mirivel: Communication Excellence: Embodying Virtues in Interpersonal Communication – Nathan Miczo: Reflective Conversation as a Foundation for Communication Virtue – Jon F. Nussbaum/Michelle Miller-Day/Carla L. Fisher: «Holding Each Other All Night Long»: Communicating Intimacy in Older Adulthood – Graham D. Bodie: Listening as Positive Communication – Kory Floyd/Douglas M. Deiss: Better Health, Better Lives: The Bright Side of Affection – Krystyna S. Aune/Norman C. H. Wong: Fun with Friends, Pranks with Partners: How we Play in Our Closest Relationships – John C. Meyer: Humor as Personal Relationship Enhancer: Positivity for the Long Term – Peter M. Kellett: The Bright Side of Conflict: Dialogic Communication, Telesmatic Moments, and Deep Narrative Learning – Douglas L. Kelley: Forgiveness as Restoration: The Search for Well-Being, Reconciliation, and Relational Justice – Erina MacGeorge/Bo Feng/Kristi Wilkum/Eileen Doherty: Supportive Communication: A Positive Response to Negative Life Events – Jennifer Dane McCullough/Brant R. Burleson: Celebratory Support: Messages that Enhance the Effects of Positive Experience – Gary L. Kreps: Engaging Health Communication – E. James Baesler/Valerian J. Derlega/James Lolley: Positive Religious/Spiritual Coping Among African American Men Living with HIV in Jails and/or Prisons – Steven R. Wilson/Patricia E. Gettings: Nurturing Children as Assets: A Positive Approach to Preventing Child Maltreatment and Promoting Healthy Youth Development – Lawrence R. Frey/Angie B. White: Promoting Personal, Interpersonal, and Group Growth through Positive Experiential Encounter Communication Pedagogy – Brian Spitzberg/William Cupach: Epilogue. The Power of the Dark Side – Thomas J. Socha/Margaret Jane Pitts: Coda. Positive Interpersonal Communication as Child’s Play.