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Manufacturing Indianness

Nation-Branding and Postcolonial Identity


Ishita Sinha Roy

Manufacturing Indianness takes an interdisciplinary approach in deconstructing nation-branding exercises in neoliberal India, utilizing the fetish as a critical device to demonstrate how postcolonial nation-building can become colonizing. Using interviews with media-makers and nation-branding professionals, postcolonial theory, media and cultural studies, psychoanalytic theories, political economy approaches, affective theory, cultural geography, and branding and marketing perspectives, Manufacturing Indianness provides an insightful and academically sophisticated investigation into how the Indian state and its corporate partners have merged cultural/ethnic nationalism (Hindutva) with neoliberalism to form the ultimate fetish of Brand India.

Acknowledgments – Introduction: Text and Context: Postcolonial Media Studies and the Fetishization of the Neoliberal Nation – Nation Inc. and Postcolonial Neoliberalism – From the East India Company to Nation Inc. – Nation-Branding: India Inc. Is Incredible !ndia – Taking Care of the Mother(land): Bollywood Patriotism and Young India – Manufacturing Terror®: Destroying the Other Through Nation-Branding – Old and New Goddesses: Disrobing Indian Femininity – Conclusion.