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Afrocentric Teacher-Research

Rethinking Appropriateness and Inclusion


Staci Perryman-Clark

Afrocentric Teacher-Research: Rethinking Appropriateness and Inclusion reports on a qualitative teacher-research study that examines the ways in which African American and other students perform expository writing tasks using an Afrocentric Ebonics-focused first-year writing curriculum. Foundational to the book is a study of twenty-one student-writers and one writing classroom employing an Afrocentric Ebonics-based curriculum. Further, this book conceptualizes a theory of Afrocentric teacher-research that includes all students in addition to African Americans, and positions teacher-research as a methodology that not only transforms classroom practices, but also transforms disciplinary practices by urging rhetoric and composition teachers and scholars to revise the way that we study Afrocentric pedagogies and Ebonics-based linguistic practices.

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