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Health Communication

Strategies for Developing Global Health Programs


Edited By Do Kyun Kim, Arvind Singhal and Gary L. Kreps

Promotion of healthy behaviors and prevention of disease are inextricably linked to cultural understandings of health and well-being. Health communication scholarship and practice can substantially and strategically contribute to people living safer, healthier, and happier lives. This book represents a concrete step in that direction by establishing a strategic framework for guiding global and local health practices.
Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the volume includes state-of-the-art theories that can be applied to health communication interventions and practical guidelines about how to design, implement, and evaluate effective health communication interventions.
Few books have synthesized such a broad range of theories and strategies of health communication that are applicable globally, and also provided clear advice about how to apply such strategies. This volume combines academic research and field experience, guided by past and future research agendas and on-the-ground implementation opportunities.
Do Kyun Kim (PhD, Ohio University) is Assistant Professor and Richard D’Aquin/BORSF Endowed Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
Arvind Singhal (PhD, University of Southern California) is the Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston Endowed Professor of Communication and Director of the Social Justice Initiative at the University of Texas at El Paso, and the William J. Clinton Distinguished Fellow at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Gary L. Kreps (PhD, University of Southern California) is a University Distinguished Professor at George Mason University, where he serves as Chair of the Department of Communication and directs the Center for Health and Risk Communication. Along with professorships at several universities, he was Chief of the Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute.